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Donations to the American Topical Association provide funding to serve the needs of the current membership while working to also expand the services offered to members around the world. Your support also enables the ATA to create and manage programs to grow the hobby of topical collecting through the recruitment and education of new members. While ATA are the initials representing the organization, the letters also reflect that our organization is all about the adventure. We need your support to continue to grow the adventure. Please explore this page to learn how you can grow the stamp collecting hobby through support of the American Topical Association. Please note that the American Topical Association is a designated 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization and, depending on your tax situation, your donations may be tax deductible.

Donations & Estate Planning

Financial donations are the easiest and most direct way to support the ATA. We accept secure online donations, check and money orders via the mail and credit/debit card donations over the phone. Click here for complete details...

Including the ATA in your estate planning is a wonderful way to leaving a lasting legacy in the hobby. Contact us today for details on how to do this.

In-Kind Gifts & Mint US Postage

Donations of tangible personal property (often collections, stamp accumulations and mint US Stamps for postage) are often called “gifts-in-kind.” Your gifts of stamps, postal history and collecting supplies are directly related to the ATA's mission as a tax-exempt organization and thus may be deducted at their fair market value. Click here to read more...

Please note we DO NOT accept bulk copies of the same stamp.


Volunteering for the ATA can take on many forms. The Association is never lacking for ideas to promote the hobby or grow the Association, but finding the workers to bring the ideas to fruition can be a challenge. Learn more...

Contact the office today for details on volunteer opportunities or to share information about any special skills you may have that will benefit ATA.

Leave a Legacy to the ATA

In 2016, the ATA formed The 1949 Society to recognize those who included the association in their will. Membership in The 1949 Society is open to individuals who bequeath their philatelic estates to ATA, or have made a provision in their will in support of the American Topical Association. The society was named for the year of ATA’s founding.

Membership in The 1949 Society is a wonderful way to remember and celebrate the fun of topical collecting and the many friendships we make.

Learn more about The 1949 Society...

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