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For over seventy years, the ATA has promoted the hobby with resources and information for topical stamp collecting. This method - collecting based on topics of special interest to the collector - proves rewarding to philatelists and stamp enthusiasts around the world. It has also proven to be one of the most successful ways to appeal to younger collectors.

Topical collecting allows young people (and really anyone) to focus specifically on things that interest them without the expectation that there are rules to follow and spaces in an album that must be filled. Each person collects their interests and is free to organize their stamps in the ways they like best. For anyone who wants to fill an album, there are pages for organizing by major topics. Some publishers even offer topical page sets, or you can print your own.

The Magical World of Stamp Collecting 

A wonderful 24-page booklet created to introduce youth people – and the young at heart – to the hobby of stamp collecting. Learn more...

Taste of Topicals™

Starter kits with 30 all-different stamps, supplies and information to get a beginner started with a specific topic. Learn more and see a list of the topics currently available...

Topical Tidbits

Each issue of Topical Tidbits looks at a specific topic of interest to philatelists with info, fun facts, games, puzzles and more. Check out the latest issue...

Topics for Young Collectors

Topical collecting is a fantastic way to introduce people of all ages to stamp collecting since their personal interests can be the focus of their collection. With young collectors, ask about the things they like and then help them to find that subject on a stamp. For more mature collectors, explore ways that their topical interests can enhance their interests and life experiences.

FREE Album Pages

ATA offers hundreds of FREE album pages you can download and print to organize your collection. Browse the list of available pages here...

Intro to Stamp Collecting

Download this basic guide to stamp collecting and learn how to identify, soak, mount and care for your stamp collection. View or download the PDF...


Explore this page for additional resources, especially for young collectors. Gathered from all over the internet, these links will expand your collecting adventure...

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